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F1 19.červenec 2015
VC Německa


VC Abu Dhabi
29.listopad 2015
VC Abu Dhabi
Yas Marina
01Miroslav Chvojka
Miroslav Chvojka
02Tomáš Konrád
Tomáš Konrád
03Martin Hodás
Martin Hodás
04Jan Frajbiš
Jan Frajbiš
05Jáchym Švejnoha
OBT 2015
Jáchym Švejnoha
GT3 cars AC - Módy  | 305 MB | 07/12/2015
Auta do hry, stáhněte, rozbalte a adresář CONTENT nakopirujte do hry, defaultně je tady: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa.
19 - USA - Indianapolis - Tratě  | 397 MB | 20/11/2015
Trať pro GP USA na okruhu v Indianapolis místo Yas Mariny. Stažený soubor zkopírujte do složky rFactor2/Packages a dejte nainstalovat přes managera.
19 - Abu Dhabi - Yas Marina - Tratě  | 165 MB | 16/11/2015
Trať pro GP Abu Dhabí na okruhu Yas Marina. Stažený soubor zkopírujte do složky rFactor2/Packages a dejte nainstalovat přes managera.
rFactor 2 Profile Changer v 1.1 - Utility | 90 kB | 08/03/2015
Pomůcka pro snadnou změnu Vašeho jména(nicku) pro rFactor 2.
Photoshop plugin - Utility | 4 MB | 22/02/2010
Plugin pro photoshop, aby uměl pracovat s dds soubory

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Fórum zpráv > Všeobecná diskuze > Inzerce > The season is finally over. 2018 came to


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 its merciful end for the Jets today in a blowout 38-3 loss to the Patriots in Foxborough. The Jets conclude the year 4-12. I’m glad the year is done. Aside from the excitement that came from the close games against Houston and Green Bay over the last two weeks Youth Chris Herndon Jerseys , I haven’t been into many Jets games. By the middle of November, this season had become a slog. The main focus was getting to the offseason, where there would be a chance to make necessary changes.No matter what happened, today’s game was never going to have major long-term implications. My focus has been on what comes next.But I couldn’t separate all of the rumors about the general manager’s job being safe from what I saw on the field today.As I watched this game, I wondered whether the owners of this team could see the same things I saw.Todd Bowles is going to be fired either tonight or tomorrow, and rightly so. It just hasn’t worked out.But with all due respect, if anybody thinks ALL of the problems the Jets have are due to coaching, I would ask whether that person has eyes.In this game I saw an offensive line that looked like a sieve. I saw Jets fans during the game ridicule a run up the middle on fourth down because there was no possible way this team was built to execute such a play. I was reminded that the current general manager has spent a pair of fifth round picks on the offensive line in his four years on the job.I saw a cornerback, Rashard Robinson, finally taken out of mothballs. He wasn’t very good. He looked like a scrap heap level player. He has rarely cracked the lineup of a team with a subpar group of corners. I was reminded that the current general manager traded a Draft pick to acquire him when there were an unlimited number of street free agents of the same talent level available.I saw a defense struggle to generate a pass rush. I was reminded that the current general manager’s tenure has seen one single player put up more than 7 sacks in a single season. That came in the general manager’s first year with the team. It was produced by a player the general manager inherited.I saw a rookie quarterback make a few stellar throws. But I saw an offense that essentially required that rookie quarterback to do something spectacular on practically every play for his team to have any hope of moving the ball on offense. Part of that was due to the offensive line. Part of that was due to the lack of targets who should be in the NFL. I was reminded this general manager had four offseasons to prepare a stable infrastructure for a franchise quarterback.I saw a back, Eljiah McGuire Chris Herndon Jerseys Stitched , average less than 3.6 yards per attempt in a sixth consecutive game. I also saw him fumble the ball during the critical sequence where the game got away from the Jets. I was reminded how I’ve seen this player cited as one of the current general manager’s success stories for a late round Draft picks.I didn’t see the highest paid player on the team, Trumaine Johnson, today. Mr. Johnson was a healthy scratch to close out a dreadful season. One report from today indicated he couldn’t be bothered to go to meetings or practice this week...ya know...doing his job. I was reminded that the current general manager made him one of the 100 highest paid celebrities this year because he was supposed to help transform the Jets defense into a force to be reckoned with. At that salary, he was also supposed to be a leader who would show young professionals how to approach their craft.If the people who own this team have eyes, I think what should happen next is pretty clear. I think any argument that this team has the right pieces in place to compete is tortured.Or maybe the owners ignored this game, worn out by how unwatchable this team was for most of the season. I couldn’t blame them if they did. If that’s the case, I just hope they remember the person responsible for assembling such a product. Sunday Morning Football, Week 8. The London madness shifts football to the morning hours on the east coast, and the early morning on the west coast. This morning the London Jacksonville Jaguars take on the Philadelphia Eagles in a matchup of two disappointing teams.In what has become an annual tradition we have reached the point in the season where we have wall to wall, nearly continuous NFL football from 9:30 in the morning to nearly midnight. That’s football overload for all but the most die hard football fans. Nonetheless, for you brave souls who are up and raring to go with morning football from London Youth Trenton Cannon Jerseys , we bring you the Underachievers Bowl in London, England.The Jaguars come into this game coming apart at the seams, a team in turmoil. Expected to contend for a Super Bowl berth this year, instead the Jaguars find themselves reeling, losers of four of their last five games. The Jaguars have been decimated by injuries, with 12 players on injured reserve and another five ruled out for today’s game. Blake Bortles, whom many Jaguars fans had hoped turned a corner last year, has been so brutal he was benched last week. The locker room is fractured, with reports of multiple shouting matches and the defense grumbling about the incompetence of Bortles and the offense. To top things off, four Jaguars players, all defensive backs Trenton Cannon Jerseys Stitched , were arrested yesterday in London and their status for the game is unclear. The Jaguars are completely unraveling, and a loss today to go to 3-5 on the year would go a long way to nailing the coffin on a lost season.The Philadelphia Eagles haven’t been much better. The defending Super Bowl champions also come into the game with a 3-4 record, hoping to avoid having five losses at the halfway mark of the 2018 season. The only wins all year for the Eagles have come against three last place teams: the Giants, the Falcons and the Colts, and the Eagles have lost four of their last six contests. This is not what the defending champions expected coming into the season, and a fifth loss today would put a severe dent in any lingering playoff hopes.This one shapes up as a struggle for survival, with the loser clinging to the last faint remnants of hope in what will likely be a playoffs free season for at least one, and perhaps both, of these two preseason Super Bowl favorites. It’s the Eagles and the Jaguars in the morning from London.Enjoy the game everybody.
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