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F1 19.červenec 2015
VC Německa


VC Abu Dhabi
29.listopad 2015
VC Abu Dhabi
Yas Marina
01Miroslav Chvojka
Miroslav Chvojka
02Tomáš Konrád
Tomáš Konrád
03Martin Hodás
Martin Hodás
04Jan Frajbiš
Jan Frajbiš
05Jáchym Švejnoha
OBT 2015
Jáchym Švejnoha
GT3 cars AC - Módy  | 305 MB | 07/12/2015
Auta do hry, stáhněte, rozbalte a adresář CONTENT nakopirujte do hry, defaultně je tady: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa.
19 - USA - Indianapolis - Tratě  | 397 MB | 20/11/2015
Trať pro GP USA na okruhu v Indianapolis místo Yas Mariny. Stažený soubor zkopírujte do složky rFactor2/Packages a dejte nainstalovat přes managera.
19 - Abu Dhabi - Yas Marina - Tratě  | 165 MB | 16/11/2015
Trať pro GP Abu Dhabí na okruhu Yas Marina. Stažený soubor zkopírujte do složky rFactor2/Packages a dejte nainstalovat přes managera.
rFactor 2 Profile Changer v 1.1 - Utility | 90 kB | 08/03/2015
Pomůcka pro snadnou změnu Vašeho jména(nicku) pro rFactor 2.
Photoshop plugin - Utility | 4 MB | 22/02/2010
Plugin pro photoshop, aby uměl pracovat s dds soubory

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| Fleming | odpovědět
placeholder activation bands consider Christmas Gifts away the entire tension connected with tips on finding the ideal ring that will propose to your girlfriend by using, plus help to make the special occasion a truly entertaining 1 alternatively. that latest fed industry payment (ftc) reversal the description of your precious stone could are most often your landmark judgement. actually, its a lot ado related to practically nothing. given that 1956, the ftc has explained the gem because some thing herbal, which means from your globe; at this point artificial gem companies usually are allowed to make use of the term gemstone that will express their product or service.

cocktails and also drink jewelry, they’ve always Silver Necklaces also been very this match, haven’t some people? is less than appropriate without the different. that’s exactly what tends to make tessa packard‘s hammered & stoned assortment thus delightful—not to mention the best enjoy with terms. set for being unveiled with oct. 14, this specific brand new variety regarding fine bracelets calls for their creativity through “cocktails, liqueurs, plus everything alcoholic, ” stirs the idea, shakes it, in addition to pours out there enjoyable, fabulously wearable great rings. in which story—with whichever particulars, starting point, midst, plus ending that you simply like to allow it—lives in this band.

you can view your inky air within the lapis lazuli Pandora Collection design, enjoy the glimmer regarding manhattan’s skyscrapers with it's fantastic silhouette. experience the actual rhythm belonging to the metropolis while it dives deeper into the night. that london-based tessa packard have the thinking behind your beverage celebration on dark in mind as soon as your woman established the gathering. “i’ve usually aspired to design necklaces this creates persons have fun, yet in due course tends to make these query the standard limits associated with good charms, no matter if of which become in style or maybe style and design, ” claims packard. “to us, elegance will be tedious without playfulness, and whimsy is shallow without the gravitas connected with timelessness. ”

“as a series, hammered & stoned definitely addresses Pendant Necklaces towards the dna of the manufacturer, ” your lady goes on. “it calls for thinking about an ’80s beverage hour—in almost all it's shiny, theatrical glory—and re-creates this as modern-day sculpture throughout smaller, filled with massive of lemon pieces, small bottles filled up with vodka, plus diamond-encrusted chopsticks. it’s vibrant, it’s entertaining, along with it’s very my family. in addition to, in the end, everybody loves a new cocktail (especially your manhattan). ”.
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