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F1 19.červenec 2015
VC Německa


VC Abu Dhabi
29.listopad 2015
VC Abu Dhabi
Yas Marina
01Miroslav Chvojka
Miroslav Chvojka
02Tomáš Konrád
Tomáš Konrád
03Martin Hodás
Martin Hodás
04Jan Frajbiš
Jan Frajbiš
05Jáchym Švejnoha
OBT 2015
Jáchym Švejnoha
GT3 cars AC - Módy  | 305 MB | 07/12/2015
Auta do hry, stáhněte, rozbalte a adresář CONTENT nakopirujte do hry, defaultně je tady: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa.
19 - USA - Indianapolis - Tratě  | 397 MB | 20/11/2015
Trať pro GP USA na okruhu v Indianapolis místo Yas Mariny. Stažený soubor zkopírujte do složky rFactor2/Packages a dejte nainstalovat přes managera.
19 - Abu Dhabi - Yas Marina - Tratě  | 165 MB | 16/11/2015
Trať pro GP Abu Dhabí na okruhu Yas Marina. Stažený soubor zkopírujte do složky rFactor2/Packages a dejte nainstalovat přes managera.
rFactor 2 Profile Changer v 1.1 - Utility | 90 kB | 08/03/2015
Pomůcka pro snadnou změnu Vašeho jména(nicku) pro rFactor 2.
Photoshop plugin - Utility | 4 MB | 22/02/2010
Plugin pro photoshop, aby uměl pracovat s dds soubory

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| Fleming | odpovědět
pandora revolutionised this jewelry bangle bracelets bracelet industry throughout 2000 when using the kick off belonging to the occasions bracelet assortment. within 2013 some people have them again having the introduction of this pandora essence assortment. and from now on around 2018, shows up a fresh and
 deluxe approach to convey your current personality: introducing that pandora reflexions collection. this kind of vivid idea has been initial influenced from the self-confident day-to-day girl as well as innovates an alternative way to produce a allure bracelet that will echo ones
 special style along with nature. next about from some of our preceding article about combining pandora metals, reflexions features superbly ongoing this specific trend, together with selections within silver precious metal, pandora flower and also pandora shine teeth whitening services.

this adaptable brand new nylon uppers bracelet might be stud earrings for women handmade in your unique options involving particular and also stylish expensive jewelry, for you to record a new reflection of this individuality and model. whilst the earliest discharge during this collection, the particular range of shiny colours along with expensive jewelry provides you with the liberty to build jewelry how we want to use that! considerably different on the classic pandora snake cycle bracelet pandora includes formerly championed, the bigger plus more energetic nylon uppers design and style is definitely without delay eye-catching and also engaging. astonishingly subtle around the wrist, that flexible bracelet (even with virtually no charms), appears modern day and complex.

the high-polished surface in addition to your Tiffany Collection nylon uppers contours, allows gentle to reflect and shimmer delightfully surrounding the bracelet, making certain this no matter what metal you decide on for you to don is usually displayed that will it is total prospective. the actual form works extremely
 in the same manner into the typical pandora necklaces, ensuring your bracelet comes to an end tend to be anchored it is in place by way of a supportive form, this time from a soft rectangle layout consistent with that wider of the bracelet strap. all of us love precisely how the following bracelet will be highly effective
 plenty of to carry its own without the embellishment, enabling you to customize ones jewellery in order to synchronize with all your spirits, way or celebration.

it’s likewise convenient sufficient in order to mix as well as match Chain Bracelets without simply different material colors and some other current pandora bracelet! certainly, the item wouldn’t end up being a true pandora bracelet assortment when you couldn’t add some charms! yet again out there across most about three alloys, these charming charms just about all characterize features regarding individual phrase. representations starting from basic paper hearts and also bright flicker to help pandora personal bank portions and in some cases classy basic safety stores! the helpful level to help take note usually every one of these necklaces will be affixed as clips, to allow for effortless program on the mesh bracelet. once clipped in, the charms could be altered to every position about the bracelet, to help enable a person's innovative style and design for you to blossom.
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