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F1 19.červenec 2015
VC Německa


VC Abu Dhabi
29.listopad 2015
VC Abu Dhabi
Yas Marina
01Miroslav Chvojka
Miroslav Chvojka
02Tomáš Konrád
Tomáš Konrád
03Martin Hodás
Martin Hodás
04Jan Frajbiš
Jan Frajbiš
05Jáchym Švejnoha
OBT 2015
Jáchym Švejnoha
GT3 cars AC - Módy  | 305 MB | 07/12/2015
Auta do hry, stáhněte, rozbalte a adresář CONTENT nakopirujte do hry, defaultně je tady: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa.
19 - USA - Indianapolis - Tratě  | 397 MB | 20/11/2015
Trať pro GP USA na okruhu v Indianapolis místo Yas Mariny. Stažený soubor zkopírujte do složky rFactor2/Packages a dejte nainstalovat přes managera.
19 - Abu Dhabi - Yas Marina - Tratě  | 165 MB | 16/11/2015
Trať pro GP Abu Dhabí na okruhu Yas Marina. Stažený soubor zkopírujte do složky rFactor2/Packages a dejte nainstalovat přes managera.
rFactor 2 Profile Changer v 1.1 - Utility | 90 kB | 08/03/2015
Pomůcka pro snadnou změnu Vašeho jména(nicku) pro rFactor 2.
Photoshop plugin - Utility | 4 MB | 22/02/2010
Plugin pro photoshop, aby uměl pracovat s dds soubory

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| chenyan94 | odpovědět
The Jacksonville Jaguars got their butts kicked against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday http://www.jaguarschea...n-seferian-jenkins-jersey , dropping their first game of the season, 9-6. Nine to six. It’s unreal that your defense holds a team to sub-100 yards net passing, about 230ish total yards and nine points and you lose, without any turnovers. Simply put, the Jaguars lost on Sunday because their offense couldn’t do anything.Many people seem to struggle to say it, but I’m not scared to. The Jaguars lost mainly because Blake Bortles was bad. He struggled to hit easy passes, held the ball and nearly fumbled in a critical time because he was careless with the football. Sure, he had some drops, but every quarterback in the NFL deals with drops.D.J. Chark dropped an easy pass off his chest, Keelan Cole dropped a low ball that he should have caught and Tommy Bohanan dropped a pass but outside of that, the big issue was the quarterback was just off all day. Hell, he had three straight passes batted at the line of scrimmage. How does that even happen?The drops hurt, but it hurts more when your quarterback struggles to hit easy throws on third down and sails passes over the guys who are open. The issue was exacerbated in the second half when the Titans realized Bortles was not even trying anything down the field and they began sending pressure constantly. They knew they had a quarterback who was off, only looking for the short safe throws and feeling the pressure.Coupled with Blake’s poor play, the Jaguars quickly figured out why you can’t treat Corey Grant as a real running back, as he managed just 1.8 yards per carry and each down he got the ball felt like a wasted down, all the while TJ Yeldon was averaging over six yards per carry and picking up yards in the passing game.The overall game plan for the Jaguars against the Titans wasn’t that much different than it was against the New England Patriots, where the offense seemed to be able to do no wrong. The biggest difference was simply that the quarterback didn’t hit the easy passes that were there to keep the chains moving.There were other failures that made Bortles bad day even worse http://www.jaguarschea...tic-marcell-dareus-jersey , but when you boil it down the biggest issue was Bortles was just off on the day and it sank the offense. I don’t think having Leonard Fournette would have helped all that much on Sunday, outside of taking ineffective carries away from Grant.5 questions with Music City Miracles: Why do the Titans seem to have the Jaguars’ number? It’s rivalry week for the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans. The Jags will look to remain perfect to start the season and improve to 3-0, while the 1-1 Titans have an opportunity to move past .500 here in the early season. Kickoff is set for 1 p.m. on Sunday inside of TIAA Bank Field. It’s no secret that Jacksonville has struggled against Tennessee recently. Let’s find out why that is, and get a better picture of what the Titans are as a team for the 2018 season. I spoke with Jimmy Morris of Music City Miracles — SB Nation’s Tennessee Titans experts —to learnmore about what to expect from that team from Nashville. 1. The Titans are dealing with a lot of injuries. Most importantly, Marcus Mariota, Taylor Lewan and Jack Conklin (Go Green!). Are you expecting those three players to be active against Jacksonville? If Mariota doesn’t play on Sunday, do you think the Titans stand a chance with former Jaguar Blaine Gabbert under center? He did beat his former team last year with the Arizona Cardinals. Jimmy: Taylor Lewan is most likely going to play. He was in the last step of the concussion protocol on Wednesday. As long as there wasn’t a setback after practice he will be out there on Sunday.Jack Conklin is still recovering from a torn ACL last January. He has been limited in practice the first two weeks, but was a full go on Wednesday. It sounds like he has a chance to play, but my guess is that it is still a week or two before he plays.Marcus Mariota is still dealing with an ulnar nerve issue. It appears to have gotten better, but he was still struggling to push the ball down the field by all accounts yesterday. We probably won’t know for sure until Sunday on Mariota, but it seems like he is a long-shot to play as well.As for can the Titans win with Blaine Gabbert, I would say they can, but their chances are much better, obviously, with Marcus out there. The Titans came out with a perfect game plan against the Texans last week when they were without their starting QB and their top-three offensive tackles. I worry that they expended their full bag of tricks last week, but I have a lot of faith in this coaching staff. They can come up with a plan that gives the Titans a chance. We will see what happens from there. 2. Despite the injuries, the Titans were able to beat the Houston Texans in Week 2. What was the game plan like that allowed this to happen, and do you think a similar game plan work against Jacksonville? Jimmy: The Titans basically just took the ball out of Gabbert’s hands. They went run heavy http://www.thejaguarsf...n-gipson-jersey-authentic , and when Gabbert was asked to throw they were short routes that might have been pre-determined reads. Again, that is what made the most sense with all of the injuries they had. They even ran a couple of series with Derrick Henry in the wildcat. Oh, and it helped that the Texans stacked 10 men on the line of scrimmage that allowed a 66-yard fake punt touchdown.I would expect a similar game plan this week, but they will have to come up with some new wrinkles because the wildcat won’t be a surprise this week. As I said above, I have faith that this coaching staff can come up with something to keep the game close. It will then be up to the players to make plays.3. What are your thoughts about new head coach Mike Vrabel through two games? Is there confidence amongst the fanbase that Vrabel, and the new coordinators Dean Pees and Matt LeFleur, are the right men for the job? Jimmy: I love Mike Vrabel. The confidence is sky high in this staff after seeing the game plan they came up with last week. By all accounts they completely switched course on the game plan on Friday after it became apparent they were going to be without Mariota and back-up tackle Dennis Kelly. The staff here last year would not have done that. They would have just lined up and tried to run what they run. 4. Despite Jacksonville’s success in 2017, the Titans had the Jaguars’ number. Why do you think that was, and do you expect more of the same in 2018? Jimmy: Warren Sharp did a nice job of breaking it down here. Basically the Titans prehistoric offense was effective against the Jaguars defense that was really, really good. Now the Titans are a different team this year, but this staff seems committed to studying a team and trying to attack their weaknesses. That seems like a really simple thing, but that wasn’t what the staff here last year did. I expect this staff to spend a lot of time looking at what made the Titans successful last year and try to emulate it.5. Putting rivalry biases aside, do you buy the Jaguars as a legitimate Super Bowl contender? Why or why not? Jimmy: I absolutely do think they are a legitimate contender because of that historically good defense. They would have made the Super Bowl last year if not for getting so conservative in the second half against the Patriots. I would be legitimately concerned about the Jags had they acquired Alex Smith this past offseason, but instead they committed to Blake Bortles. I think that is what ultimately keeps them from winning a Super Bowl.Bonus: Final score prediction? Jimmy: Titans 17 Jaguars 10 Thank you to Jimmy for providing great insights on the Titans. You can find him on Twitter, and to keep up with our division rival, follow @TitansMCM as well.
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